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Tahoe Tribune
November 30, 2006:

Local Author Pens Breast Cancer Book

Happily semi-retired from the world of publishing for the past seven years, South Lake Tahoe resident Barbara Curtis had no intention of getting back into books.

That is, not until an unexpected event changed her decisions about her future.

That event was her sister's diagnosis of breast cancer. Always very close, Curtis dashed to her sister's side and supported her in every way that she could think of to help her through he harsh breast cancer treatments and slow recovery.

A shocked witness to the physical and emotional trials endured by her sister, she vowed to do something to help others diagnosed with breast cancer.

The newly-released book, "The #1 Best Tools and Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer," is the product of that vow.

Curtis' sister, Mary Olsen Kelly, is the author of the book and the "tools and tips" are her hard won discoveries during her year of surgery, chemo and radiation treatments and her long path to recovery.

Full of more than 100 useful, helpful, comforting and life-affirming tolls, tips and stories, this book answers the questions confronting the newly diagnosed.

"The #1 Best Tools and Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer" is the best friend you wish you had; a friend who will take you by the hand and lead you through the confusing maze of your medical journey.

Heartfelt and immediate, this book delivers personal and practical advice from and for breast cancer survivors, family and friends.

Other books written by Mary Olsen Kelly include "Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul," co-authored with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

Also written by Mary Olsen Kelly are "Path of the Pearl," (Beyond Words Publishing), "Finding Each Other" and "Treasury of Light," (both published by Simon and Shuster.)

Olsen is also director of Breast Wishes Institute, an education nonprofit foundation that hosts the information and inspiration Web site

The book is published by Books Beyond Borders LLC of South Lake Tahoe, and "The #1 Best Tools and Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer," is a must-read for survivors as well as their families and friends.

"The #1 Best Tools and Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer" is available for purchase at Neighbors Bookstore in South Lake Tahoe.

If you or a loved one is facing the trials of breast cancer, this book should be considered as a definite guide to consult.

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