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#1 Best Tools and Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer

Over 100 useful, helpful, comforting and life affirming tools, tips, and stories from the trenches of breast cancer survival.

Haven't you wished you could find a book that offers the newly diagnosed with breast cancer tried and true techniques for getting through their coming ordeal? Mary Olsen Kelly wished the same thing while she was undergoing treatments. Finally, after years of futile searching, she decided to write the book herself.

This book is the best friend you wish you had; a friend who will take you by the hand and lead you through the confusing maze of your medical journey. Heartfelt and immediate, this book delivers personal and practical advice from and for Breast Cancer survivors, family and friends. The book was born from a few burning questions: How can I get through this? Can anyone help me on my journey through breast cancer treatments? In this guidebook, Kelly shares the results of her search, information that she voraciously gathered during the year of her medical journey with breast cancer and through the five years since.