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Path of the Pearl: Discover Your Treasures WIthin

A pearl oyster, invaded by an irritant it can't expel, turns adversity into a glowing iridescent work of natures art. This shining treasure you now hold in your hands celebrates the similar path shared by women. In Path of the Pearl, Mary Olsen Kelly invites us to assess our own lifes journey using the same six criteria used by jewelers for grading pearls shape, size, color, luster, orient, and perfection. Her reflections and insights offer a new way of recognizing and embracing our whole self, complete with imperfections, and rejoicing in the hardearned treasures obtained by overcoming adversity

"In their trade, pearl merchants scrutinize color, size, shape, luster, and surface perfection. With the pearl as a metaphor, the reader assesses her own life’s journey based on the same criteria. Path of the Pearl seeks to connect women with their deeper selves and illustrates that even the most painful challenges can be transformed into things of beauty. "Powerful tools and techniques for transforming life’s challenges into creations of beauty."

— Jack Canfield, cocreator of Chicken Soup for the Soul