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From Breast Cancer Survivor to Yoplait® Champion –It’s a Family Affair

Mary Olsen Kelly and her family published the book, #1 Best Tools and Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer, and they have declared 2008 the “Year of the Survivor”

  Balboa Island, Calif. and Honolulu, Hawaii – April 1, 2008 – Mary Olsen Kelly, breast cancer survivor, book author and co-owner of The Black Pearl Gallery chain of jewelry stores located in Orange County, Calif., and several locations in Hawaii, has been named one of 25 Yoplait Champions for 2008. News of her award came in a letter from Yoplait as the yogurt company marked the fifth year of its program to honor the remarkable contributions of individuals in the fight against breast cancer.

“I am thrilled and deeply honored to be selected as one of Yoplait’s 25 Champions for 2008, and I feel humbled to be among some of my co-honorees, all of whom are remarkable people,” says Olsen Kelly.

As a 2008 Yoplait Champion, Olsen Kelly has been recognized as one of 25 individuals doing extraordinary things in the fight against breast cancer. To celebrate her commitment to the cause, Yoplait will donate $1,000 to the breast cancer charity of her choice.

Olsen Kelly gives a lot of credit for her accomplishments to her family. With the help and support of her sister Barbara Olsen Curtis as publisher; daughter and son-in-law, Sharon Kelly Adams and Pat Adams as promotion and fulfillment team; husband, Don Kelly; and the rest of her family and friends, Olsen Kelly has become the champion that she is United, they took up the cause to “give back” after her challenge with breast cancer seven years ago.

As soon as Olsen Kelly was diagnosed, she asked, “How can I get through this?” She says her motivation to survive, fueled by the deep desire to give back to others who are newly diagnosed and make a difference in their lives, became the book, #1 Best Tools and Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer.

Her publisher and sister, Barbara Curtis, was inspired by Olsen Kelly’s drive. Curtis says that “To get this book into the hands of everyone who needs it” became her mission.

Sharon and Pat Adams launched their business, Survive and Thrive, as a result of Olsen Kelly’s breast cancer fight. They now travel extensively attending breast cancer conferences and events where their popular booth sells books and pink pearl jewelry. Their efforts have taken the book and the message of healing and hope nationwide.

Helen Lindberg is Olsen Kelly’s cousin and professional art director. She designed #1 Best Tools and Tips from the Trenches of Breast Cancer, making it a unique size to fit into a woman’s hand and handbag and making make it easy to carry to multiple doctors’ appointments and sometimes scary treatments. Having the book in hand, has given thousands of patients the feeling of support, knowing that they are not alone.

“Without the network and hard work of my family members, I wouldn’t be able to reach out to other survivors and those newly diagnosed. It is humbling to have the love and support they feel for me extend to the whole nation. Being selected as a Yoplait Champion has inspired me and my family to increase our outreach even more through our books, web sites, conferences and appearances, and to declare 2008 the ‘Year of the Survivor’ for our operations.”

Olsen Kelly also is the author of Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor’s Soul (co-authored with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen). Her third book about healing and overcoming adversity, Path of the Pearl; Discover Your Treasures Within, deals with transforming personal challenges into pearls of strength, healing and beauty.

Olsen Kelly also runs several web sites:, BreastWishes.Org,, and, that inspire and educate those diagnosed with breast cancer, sharing useful tools and tips with anyone who needs moral support and advice in their medical journey and treatment.